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Security Council

The Security Council is mainly responsible for maintaining international peace and security. It takes the lead in identifying and determining the existence of any threats to the peace. In the case of any threat, it calls upon its member states to discuss and recommend methods of adjustment or terms of settlement. It also has the authority to impose sanctions or even authorize the use of force to restore security.


  • WMDs and Terrorism

The Chairs

Jad Hayek

Hello everyone! I am a senior in Al Mawakeb Garhoud, and I've been to 6 conferences overall. Throughout this conference, I will be trying my best to make sure that everyone has a great time learning about the world and developing themselves. I have always loved growing as an individual, and for me, MUN was the perfect extracurricular to do just that. Through MUN, I got over a fear of public speaking, learned about world politics and picked up the skill of efficient research. You can email me at [email protected]

Mohammed Ali Alani

Hello! My name is Mohammed Alani. I will be chairing the Security Council in this year’s AMSIMUN conference. I have attended 6 MUN conferences and served as a delegate in committees including the Security Council, UNHRC and WHO. This will be my first chairing experience and I look forward to a successful conference with rigorous delegates and fruitful discussions. You can email me at [email protected]