Model United Nations


It is with great pleasure and honor that we welcome you all to our first AMSIMUN. We sincerely hope that you will help us bring success and continuity to this conference.

The executive board has worked very hard to make this conference possible. Our aim is to bring all the AMSI students together to make a difference. We want to give you an insight on the political and global issues revolving around our world. We want to bring out your creative and analyzing skills in order to come up with different solutions to solve these concerns. Moreover, we aim to give you the experience of the professional MUN conferences for the sake of preparing you for them.

We genuinely hope that you will sense the passion we have towards this line of work. We thank you for your interest in this conference and are looking forward to meeting you in April.

Best regards,

About Us

For several years now, the AMSI schools have been participating in different conferences in the UAE and even outside its borders. We are merely a group of students who have a great passion towards the heat of these debates and are eager to pass on our sentiment to those who come after us. For the past couple of months, our team has worked hand in hand to make the idea of AMSIMUN become something possible. We truly hope that it will turn out to be an utmost success that will be carried on in the future as one of the AMSI traditions.

Executive Board

Abdelrahman Shaalan

Anastasija Parpura

Annabelle Ghanem

Batool Khalifat

Borna Motlagh

Elie Hage

Fadi Chahine

Farida El Sonbaty

Haya Daoud

Karen Kandalaft

Karen Tawbeh

Lotfi Machou

Saif Ali

Tia Ali

Zain Manna